MINERVA: Carnegie Mellon's Robotic Tourguide Project Minerva's Image

Recent papers about Minerva

  • S. Thrun, M. Bennewitz, W. Burgard, F. Dellaert, D. Fox, D. Haehnel, C. Rosenberg, N. Roy, J. Schulte, and D. Schulz. MINERVA: A second generation mobile tour-guide robot: Compressed postscript and PDF
  • N. Roy, W. Burgard, D. Fox, and S. Thrun, 1998. Coastal Navigation: Robot Navigation under Uncertainty in Dynamic Environments: Compressed postscript and PDF
  • J. Schulte, C. Rosenberg, and S. Thrun, 1998. Spontaneous Short-term Interaction with Mobile Robots in Public Places: Compressed postscript and PDF
  • N. Roy and S. Thrun, 1998. Online Self-Calibration For Mobile Robots: Compressed postscript and PDF
  • D. Schulz, W. Burgard, and A.B. Cremers, 1998. Predictive Simulation of Autonomous Robots for Reliable Visualization over the Internet. Compressed postscript and PDF
  • F. Dellaert, D. Fox, W. Burgard, and S. Thrun, 1998. Monte Carlo Localization For Mobile Robots.
We also recommend papers on Rhino, Minerva's older brother:

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