MINERVA: Carnegie Mellon's Robotic Tourguide Project Minerva's Image

Maps learned by Minerva!

Occupancy Grid Map of the Museum Mosaic of the Museum Ceiling
Occupancy map. The location of obstacles is shown in dark, whereas Free space is white. Minerva learns this using two laser range finders, which are sensors for measuring proximity. Ceiling mosaic. Minerva learns a mosaic of the museum's ceiling, by integrating images taken by a vertically mounted camera.

Maps Computed by Minerva

Entropy Map Ceiling Entropy Map
The above two maps were computed by Minerva from the occupancy map and ceiling mosaic. Each map shows the localization information available at each point, using the laser sensor in the left map, and the ceiling camera in the right map. The darker a point is, the more likely Minerva could get lost at that point.

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