I have created the Who's Who in Computer Architecture web page mostly because I wanted to be able to associate a face with the people whose articles I have read. (By now it contains a lot of people whose articles I actually didn't read.) I made it public because it may prove useful to other people. I am trying to post correct and up-to-date information, but there are definitely errors and omissions. Please send corrections additions to mihaib+who at cs.cmu.edu.

I have obtained the images from the web and some may be copyrighted; if you want me to take them off, please let me know before you sue me.

The links to the DBLP publications are automatically generated, and thus some of them may be missing or may be pointing to the wrong person if the name is very similar.

This page contains people active in several areas, but who have, or have had, accomplishments in computer architecture. I have decided against showing graduate or undergraduate students, because there are too many of them.

It is hard to draw a boundary between, say, compiler research and architecture; I have not included people whose compiler work is very "remote" from architecture. The same is true for all the domains listed below:

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