Creating Proceedings from Postscript Files

As a Publications Chair for SOCS-3 I had to assemble the proceedings. As raw input I had a series of postscript files, with the pages unnumbered. I had to produce a document containing all the files, with numbered pages and a table of contents. I was too lazy to add an author's index, although it wouldn't have been that hard.

This task may be easy if you have the right tools, but I tried to do it using only freely available software (not only free, but also at no cost). A few attempts were needed before a decent success, so this page shares my experience.

The basic trick was to create a LaTeX document which would include the pages of all the papers as figures. For this purpose I had to slice each document into pages and to transform each page in encapsulated postscript. Here are the steps I went through; the solution may be unoptimal, but it works.