Romanian Friends from Ancient Times

Here are some friends of mine whose web pages I found. This page isn't sorted in any particular order. I still have to hunt down a few.

The Politehnica University, department of Engineering Sciences, Class of 1995

I could not locate many of these people. Is there anybody missing? This is sorted alphabetically using the name the people had in 1995.

  1. Ionut Albu, Master from Emory, programmer Comercehub.
  2. Nicoleta Badescu.
  3. Octavian Beldiman, now at Mitsubishi?, ex-grad student in EE at Duke.
  4. Mihai Budiu, researcher la Microsoft Research in Silicon Valley (Mountain View, CA).
  5. Cristi Cocosco, now at Philips in Hamburg, Germany, ex-grad student in EE at McGill.
  6. Raluca (Fireteanu), GE Medical Systems, Paris, France.
  7. Horia Herbei, stock exchange, Chicago, IL.
  8. Andreea Bortnowski (Iliescu), Ontario, Canada.
  9. Razvan Ionescu, priest in France.
  10. Razvan Iordache, GE Medical Systems Research, Paris, France, ex-grad student in CS at Tampere U, Finland.
  11. Adreea (Liteanu).
  12. Mihaela v.d. Schaar-Mitrea, professor at UCLA.
  13. Milica Neacsu (Nasui), working for the Romanian Army.
  14. Bogdan Olteanu, member of the Romanian parliament as part of the PNL party.
  15. Cristina Radulescu.
  16. Razvan Rotaru, businessman, Romania.
  17. Radu Rugina, prof in CS at Cornell.
  18. Serban Stanasila, Germany.
  19. Laura Toma, prof at Bawdoin College, ex-grad student in CS at Duke.
  20. Marcel Vasilache, Nokia Research Center, Tampere.
  21. Raluca Budiu (Vasilescu), post-doc at PARC, in Palo Alto, CA.
  22. Robert Velisar, Oracle, California.
  23. Ovidiu Zainea, grad student in EE/Medicine in Patras, Greece.