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I have graduated and left CMU. I am now at Microsoft Research, Silicon Valley, but this web page has "historical" information that is not available at my official web page.

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Mihai Budiu

I am a researcher at Microsoft Research in Silicon Valley.

I used to be a post-doc and graduate student in the Computer Science Department of Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

I worked in the areas of compilers, computer architecture, reconfigurable hardware, high-level synthesis.

My name - Mihai Budiu - is pronounced like Me-HI Boo-DE-oo.

Brief Biography

I am currently a researcher in the Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Lab.

I have obtained my Ph.D. from CMU in December 2003, and I have been there a post-doc for a few months. My thesis research was on compilers for spatial computation, which translate high-level language programs into hardware dataflow machines implemented by asynchronous circuits. This was part of the Phoenix project. My advisor was Seth Goldstein.

Previously I wrote the DIL compiler for the CMU PipeRench reconfigurable hardware project. The project produced a complete CAD suite and a silicon implementation of the only known virtualizable hardware device. The chip has been licensed and is being commercialized by a Silicon Valley start-up.

I was twice summer research intern at Bell Labs. I spent one year in the Ph.D. program of the Computer Science Department of Cornell University. I received my B.S. from the Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania. I am an alumnus of the the Bucharest "Liceul de Informatica" (Informatics High-school).

A rather detailed curriculum vitae. These are the courses I took during grad school.

I am married to Raluca. She got her Ph.D. in computer science from CMU in 2001, now she works at PARC. Most of our energy is now spent trying to please Matei.

Contact Information

Mihai Budiu
c/o Microsoft Research SVC
1065 La Avenida
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: (650) 693 1440
Fax: (425) 936 7329
Cell: (412) 216 8430
my e-mail

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