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This indexes recent messages from the ASLML, and allows links to post or respond to messages. To enter simply click on one of the buttons at the bottom of this page and enter the username and password listed in the table above it.

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READ THIS! (10/23/03; 10:49pm MST): List Interface Permanently Unavailable

The web interface to the ASLML is permenantly down. The machine that hosted the interface is no longer under my care, as I have moved to the University of Alberta after finishing my Ph.D. . At this time, I have no plans to revive the interface. I'd be happy to help someone else set it up, although it requires having administrator access on a machine with a web server (not just hosted space). If this fits your situation and you want more information, then email me at bowling at cs dot ualberta dot ca. It was fun while it lasted and I appreciated everyone's messages of support.
Michael Bowling
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