Introduction to Machine Learning

10-301 + 10-601, Spring 2022
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 2022 Information

Q: Will I be able to get off the waitlist?

A: Yes, absolutely!

However, at the moment, the registrar system has a bug that is temporarily forcing everyone onto the waitlist until we can manually move you off. Please just remain on the waitlist and we’ll get you registered for the course shortly. This is (likely) related to the fact that registrar still hasn’t made official classroom assignments for the course.

We expect to have two large lecture halls that seat about 500 total students. We almost always have enough seats for everyone who wants to register to get in. So no one should get stuck on the waitlist.

Q: How can I learn more about the Fall 2022 offering?

A: The pages on this website are for the Spring 2022 offering of 10-301/601. However, they offer a nice picture of what the course in Fall 2022 is likely to be like. The current Spring 2022 instructor (Matt Gormley) will be one of the co-instructors in Fall 2022.