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WOO HOO, just finished a new original character. His name is Ashiri and his friends call him Ash ^-^ In any case he is a fighter sorceror. The tuft of light hair that he has is a symbol of his sorcery powers. Throughout the ages, he has slain many a sorceror and absorbed their powers. As he increases in power, his light hair will grow longer and longer. And when his whole head is covered with light hair -- he would have achieved phenomenal cosmic powers!! I am currently evolving a whole history for him so stay tuned.


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Caristo is a ninja magician. His mother was sorceror born, and when that fact was discovered, she was executed by her own husband (dear ole daddy). So you can imagine that Caristo is one screwed up dude.


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Some of my older stuff -  I'm afraid their quality is not up to par with my newer drawings.

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