Laboratory Projects Course in Robotic Manipulation and Assembly 15-499E
Spring 1997

Instructors: Michael Erdmann and Matt Mason
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Location: Manipulation Laboratory (BoM D 143)
Time: Mondays 1:30-4:30

NOTE: The first meeting will be in Doherty Hall 3313, Monday January 13, 1996, 1:30pm.

This course offers students a semester of hands-on experience learning modern robot manipulation methods. The course is structured as a laboratory course, with projects developed by the students, working together in small groups. The hardware consists of several robot arms, vision systems, feeders, and miscellaneous small electronics and manufacturing parts. The equipment includes state-of-the art assembly workcells from Adept and Sony. Prerequisites for the course are:

Students will be expected to learn how to use the robots by working fairly independently in small groups. We expect therefore that all students will have some prior robot experience, such as that provided in 15-384. In addition, a willingness to work with industrial hardware is very important. This is not a spoon-feed course. The hardware is rugged. The robots and their interfaces are identical to those found in industrial shops. The course offers excellent practical preparation for students interested in automation, either for industrial work or for later graduate work.

The core ideas we expect students to learn are:

Some project suggestions: (better yet, bring your own ideas!)