Web-Based Translation Research Suite
Written by Michael Denkowski

TransCenter allows you to efficiently collect and analyze human translation data over the web. TransCenter server is easy to deploy and maintain. The web-based translation editor allows translators to work on translation tasks from any computer with an Internet connection. All user activity is logged so you can view detailed translation reports.

If you use TransCenter in your work, please cite the following:

Translation Workflow

Easily deploy a TransCenter server on Linux, Mac OS, or Microsoft Windows.

Load source language documents and initial translations in any source or target language.

Translators can access your translation project from any computer with an Internet connection.

The translation editor logs all translator activity.

Export finished translations, view detailed translation reports and follow translation edit by edit.

TransCenter server handles user account creation and management with virtually no maintenance.

Translation Editor

See a live demo of the Translation Editor
Translators log into a web-based translation editor using any major web browser.

Sentences are displayed in a simple, easy-to-follow format.

Automatic highlighting and full keyboard navigation provide a smooth user experience.

Users edit translations and provide quality judgments as they work.

The translation editor logs a full edit history, keypress and mouse activity, and total translation time for each sentence.

The editor uses web browsers' Unicode text rendering to display text in any source or target language.

Translators can pause translation, or even log out entirely and resume editing later.

Translation Reports

See an actual translation summary report
See an actual edit trace report
Generate detailed translation reports with TransCenter.

Data is output in formatted HTML and simple comma separated value format for interoperability.

Summary reports show initial and final translations, quality ratings, keypress, mouse, and edit counts, and precise timings for each sentence.

Edit trace reports visualize translation edit by edit and second by second.

All logged information is available for analysis, including pauses and final translations to compute HTER.

TransCenter stable releases:

To download a current snapshot and follow development, visit the TransCenter project page on github.

See the Getting Started page for directions on using TransCenter.