Hexane, Version 0.1

The Applets

Hexane is a Java Applet I am developing to play the game of hex. To start a game against Hexane, click the button below. If you have never played Hex before, I refer you to the version of the rules given at Playsite. A few other useful hex links are included at the bottom of the page. Currently, the applet plays very poorly, but I think a little tweaking will help significantly. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, and bug reports. You can email mcmahahb@whitman.edu.

This is another applet I created basically for my own use. It creates a front-end to a few of my underlying graph theory routines. The application version also supports reading and writing of text file descriptions of hex games. Currently I don't have any documentation for this, so just play around. Basically, select game mode and then click to lay down some hexes. Once you have created the position you want you can select HonP mode (hexes on path mode) and select a pair of hexes to see all hexes on shortest paths between those hexes. The L-R and T-B tests show hexes on any shortest path from the left side to the right side and the top to bottom, respectively. Press the button below to try it out.


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