DeathSnake 2000 Installation and Configuration Document

This document contains the following:
1) Preliminary Info
2) Installation Instructions
3) Uninstallation Instructions

Preliminary Info:

To install DeathSnake 2000, you must have both components of the game for it to work: the game itself, and a Java platforn.  Since DeathSnake 2000 has been written in Java (version 1.2), you need to have a Java platform available on your computer. 

If you have a Java platform (either JRE or JDK), you may skip to the game downloading instructions.

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is the smallest system that can run a Java-based application (your browser may have it so it can run applets). It is available for distribution without licensing.  The JRE (about 9.5 MB). Though it is large, we believe that it is definitely worth it to download. Once you have it installed, you can run any Java application on it! Thus you won’t have to download it a second time.  To install JRE, go to the JRE downloading instructions.

Or, you can use the Java Development Kit (JDK), which is only available from Sun Microsystems <>. It contains the JRE as well as everything you need to create your own Java applications! If you are a serious computer geek (like us) then you will definitely want to do this. You can run DeathSnake 2000 in the JDK.  If you already have JDK 1.2.1, you can just download the game file and install it in JDK and run it from there.

If you have an older version of JRE or JDK, you will want to upgrade to 1.2. We decided (after much deliberation) to go with the latest version because of its awesome graphic capabilities. We are certain that you too will reap great benefits from the superior work that JDK 1.2 (named "Java 2" by the people at Sun) provides. Java 2 is so new it currently only supports Windows platforms. However, keep checking with Sun, and as soon as the have support for your alternate platform, download it then grab DeathSnake 2000 as well!

Once you have downloaded a Java platform, you are ready to download DeathSnake2000.

Installation Instructions:
Note: You only need to download one of the following: JRE or JDK, not both.

To install JRE:

    1. Download the JRE from Sun’s website <here>.  We suggest downloading to a directory named "temp."
    2. Use WinZip to decompress the zipped JRE installation file into "jre1_2_1-win.exe."  Double-clicking this icon in the "temp" will install JRE into this directory:

C:\Program Files\JavaSoft\jre\1.2\

There will be several other subdirectories in there. The important one to notice will be bin\, where you will unzip DeathSnake 2000. 

To install JDK:

    1. Go to Sun <> and download JDK 1.2. Save to your "temp" directory.
    2. Use WinZip to decompress the zipped JDK installation file into "jdk1_2_1-win.exe."  Double-clicking this icon in the "temp" directory will install JDK into a directory called "jdk1.2.1". Be sure to remember this directory and know how to find the bin\ directory within it. 

To install DeathSnake 2000:

  1. Click <here> to download. Again, we suggest downloading to "temp."
  2. Using WinZip, Gunzip or another compression/decompression program, extract DeathSnake 2000 and put it into the bin\ directory that you noted above.

    For the JRE, the path to extract to should be:

    C:\Program Files\JavaSoft\jre\1.2\bin

    For the JDK, the path to extract to should be:


In either case, DeathSnake 2000 will be installed into the directories within bin\ called "ds2k" and "Data," as well as several other files. The most important one of these is run.bat.

Many people we want to install DeathSnake 2000 in another directory. You can do this. Unzip the files to a directory of your choice, making sure you preserve the directory structure. Then, modify run.bat so that the command java is replaced by the correct path to your java version 2 interpreter. If java is in your path, no modifications to the batch file will be needed.

To run the game in the JRE, open a file manager and navigate to Program Files\JavaSoft\jre\1.2\bin and double click on run.bat. This will automatically run DeathSnake 2000 for you. From within MS-DOS, change to the Program Files directory. (Note that the MS-DOS name for "Program Files" is actually progra~1. So when you type C:\> cd progra~1 you will see C:\Program Files> as a prompt) Then change to JavaSoft\jre\1.2\bin and type run. This will also automatically run DeathSnake 2000 for you.  For help on game play, see the User's Manual.

The game is designed so that it automatically adjusts for the speed of the computer you are playing on. However, our techniques may not be 100% effective on all machines. To manually adjust the speed at which the game runs, change the speed parameter in the config.cfg file, located in the directory where you installed DeathSnake2000.

Uninstallation Instructions:

From the game directory, simply type uninstall (or in Windows, select the uninstall.bat file).  Type 'y' when the game says, "All files in directory will be deleted.  Are you sure? (Y/N)."