Push the button below to launch JavaPlanets. Admittadely the applet is of limited usefulness without the ability to edit and view the simulation parameters. However, this fuctionality is avaliable in the application version of the program.

The origional version of this program was written for a Classical Mechanics class at Whitman College in the fall of 1998. During my spring term at the University of Oregon I rewrote a fair bit of the code. My main goal was to improve numerical accuracy, but many other changes were made to the code. The following documentation was also added:

Documentation and Other Information

Change Log
This document details the many code changes and features added for my CIS 455 project.

Provides an overview of the n-body problem, and details the numerical techniques used in the program.

User's Manual
A users guide to the program and a description of the file format used by the application version to store simulations. This document should provide all information necessary to create and run your own simulations using the Application.

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