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Trip Reports

I'm going to try to start posting trip reports here.


I enjoy both rock climbing and mountaineering. You can see pictures from rock climbs and mountains in my photography section.

I've posted some hi-res pictures of Seneca Rocks that might be interesting to people who climb there.

Here are a few useful links, mostly for my own reference:

Tradgirl.com is rec.climbing's home on the net. It has a lot of information, the FAQ is perhaps the most useful.

Cooper's Rock has some nice but short top-roped climbs

Training tips from Neil Gresham at DMM.

Some information on treating lateral epicondylitis, aka climber's elbow.

Guide to climbs in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Backpacking, Kayaking, Hiking

... are all other activities I enjoy. You can see some pictures from these activities in my photography section, but otherwise I don't have much to add here.

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