Schedule of the IJCAI-01 Workshop on
Text Learning: Beyond Supervision

August 6th, 2001
Seattle, Washington

 8:30 Welcome
 8:40 Invited talk 
      Title: TBA
      Tommi Jaakkola
 9:40 Short Presentations (10 min. per paper):
      Selective Sampling + Semi-supervised Learning = 
      Robust Multi-View Learning 
      Ion Muslea, Steven Minton, and Craig A. Knoblock
      Acquisition of a knowledge dictionary for a text mining system
      using an inductive learning method 
      Shigeaki Sakurai, Yumi Ichimura, Akihiro Suyama, and Ryohei Orihara
      Unsupervised Acquisition of Usage Classes 
      Scott A. Waterman
      Detection of errors in training data by using a decision list
      and Adaboost 
      Hiroyuki Shinnou
      Feature Set Reduction for Document Classification Problems
      Karel Fuka and Rudolf Hanka  

10:30 Break and poster presentations

11:00 Long Presentations (25 min. per paper):
      Multivariate Information Bottleneck
      Nir Friedman, Ori Mosenzon, Noam Slonim, and Naftali Tishby
      Improving Text Classification with LSI Using Background Knowledge
      Sarah Zelikovitz and Haym Hirsh

11:50 Lunch

13:35 Invited talk 
      Title: TBA
      David Yarowsky
14:35 Long Presentations (25 min. per paper):
      Induction of Part of Speech Class Labels Using
      Only Language Universals 
      Patrick Schone and Daniel Jurafsky
      Ontology-based Text Clustering
      A. Hotho, S. Staab, and A. Maedche

15:25 Break and poster presentations

15:55 Long Presentations (25 min. per paper):
      Probabilistic Models of Text and Link Structure
      for Hypertext Classification 
      Lise Getoor, Eran Segal, Ben Taskar, and Daphne Koller
      Semi-Supervised Learning Using Prior Probabilities and EM
      Rebecca Bruce
16:45 Discussion and Wrap-up
17:00 Official end

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