Robert C. McCall

Who I am:

I am a Research Programmer for the Robotics Institute, which is part of Carnegie Mellon University. I work off-campus at the National Robotics Engineering Consortium which is located in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh. Our primary focus is on the commercialization of current robotics techologies, which provides us with an extremely diverse and interesting set of projects to work on. In my non-work role, I am the proud father of Brendan and Gavin, who will probably be the death of me in the not distant future, and husband of Amy, who is busy tearing up Duquesne's Law School.

What I do:

I have a mixed background in engineering and technical programming. I spent my first three years at the Robotics Institute developing simulation and visualization software, mostly in the area of mining robots. My recent work is focused in the areas of data fusion and control, primarily for mining and agricultural robots, although I am still keeping my hand in the graphics and simulation world, as well as writing general purpose software. In my previous life as an employee of the U. S. Air Force, I have worked in flight simulation and flight test, as well as doing some research into the control of large flexible structures. If you want more information about my background, here is a copy of my current resume (in Acrobat pdf format).



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