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Mike Crawford

Research Programmer - Carnegie Mellon University
Co-Founder, CFO and Software Engineer - reCAPTCHA Inc.

I work in the Human Computation Group for Luis von Ahn.
I am involved with Games With A Purpose (GWAP) and reCAPTCHA Inc, which includes:

  • Software Engineer.
  • CFO and Treasurer duties.
  • Creating a game development framework for Java-backed Flex and AJAX games.
  • Developing Verbosity and the revised ESP Game, and assisting development of Flex games.
  • Co-developing the GWAP website.
  • Managing the GWAP production environment.
  • Law, E., von Ahn, L., Dannenberg, R. and Crawford, M. Tagatune: A Game for Music and Sound Annotation. ISMIR, 2007

Selected reCAPTCHA Media:
Cover, Science, Sept 2008, CNET, ars technica, Tech Crunch, BBC, Slashdot, NPR News (May 2007, June 2007, August 2008), The Associated Press, May 2007"Researchers Turn Web Blather to Books.", (Appeared in over 50 newspapers around the world, including USA Today, and the Washington Post.), "Weapon against spam enlists computer users to assist the Internet Archive." - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Selected GWAP Media:
The BBC, MSNBC, Slashdot, The Associated Press, New Scientist, The Register, O'Reilly Radar, July 2007 Full feature - Wired Magazine, "For Certain Tasks, the Cortex Still Beats the CPU.

Education and Experience:

BSc with Computer Science Major - University of Sydney 2003
TA for Computer Science courses and summer camps - University of Sydney 2002-2003
Various roles, Consulting Firm - The Frame Group Pty Limited, Dec 2003 - October 2006 including:
  • Developing the CMS for the largest Adobe Flex project in the world.
  • Network Manager for Frame - 4 sites, VoIP, presence management, VPN, etc.
  • Developing an interface to a prototype robot - Australian Robotics Industries.
  • Project Manager - Multiple projects for banks and telecommunication companies.
  • Network Appliance Storage Consultant - Consulting and Site Engineer for ISP's and Data Centers.
  • Developing a prototype web interface to an open source IP PBX.
CV available on request.

When I'm not at work:
  • Cycling, soccer, gym, triathlon.
  • Reading, traveling and the outdoors.


Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University
Wean Hall 3408
Phone: +1 412 268 5409