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15-503 and 15-859P
Introduction to Theoretical Cryptography
Note this course has two numbers: an undergraduate and graduate number, respectively.

Fall 2008, MW 10:30-11:50am, Wean 4615

Manuel Blum,  Office: Wean 4113. Office Hours: After Class

This course provides a serious introduction to theoretical cryptography. We will cover definitions of basic concepts such as one-way functions, pseudorandom generators, pseudorandom functions, encryption, etc. We will also cover some basic number theory. Although this is a theory course, it will not be just a course of abstract definitions: we will strive to make things as concrete as possible.

Textbook: None-- we will occasionally provide links to lecture notes and readings.

Prerequisites: For undergraduates, 15-451 (15-453 is also recommended).

Grading (Tentative):

Homework, 10%
Two Midterms (One In-Class, One Take-Home), 20% each
Final Exam (In-Class), 25%
Final Project/Presentation, 25%.

Attendance is required.

Homework: Homework is due one week after it is assigned. Late homework will be accepted only under exceptional circumstances. Each student is to do their own work and hand in their own homeworks individually. If you must, you may use any other sources you like, without losing points, provided that on each HW you turn in, you declare honestly where the major ideas came from. This could be: yourself, someone else, Google-- all possiblities are okay provided you declare honestly how you got the ideas.

Project/Presentation: You will be given the choice to do either a final project, or a short presentation on a topic of your choice (approved by us).