I am a fifth year PhD student at the Robotics Institute.  My advisors are Katia Sycara and Illah Nourbakhsh.  My current research is in facilitating heterogeneous multirobot teamwork, particularly in the urban search and rescue domain.  I am a member of a joint Carnegie Mellon/University of Pittsburgh search and rescue robotics team, RAPTOR (Robots, Agents, and People Team: Operation Rescue). 

My current research is a declarative framework for robot coordination in domains in which robots have some knowledge of the environment and the goals but may need to utilize heterogeneous capabilities and work together on a goal.  By modeling the problem as a constraint optimization problem we are able to find the optimal schedule, measure plans against the optimal, and intelligently replan to handle unexpected events.

Thesis proposal document and slides are now available.

Research Goals:
To build robots to operate in uncertain environments
To enable robots to plan in this environment in real time
To create teams of robots to work together to accomplish a goal
To enable robots to interact with other robots and humans in symbiosis