BTAMP 2010 Workshop Schedule

Session Chair: Bhaskara Marthi, Willow Garage
Invited Talk: Open Source Solutions for Motion Planning.  Sachin Chitta, Willow Garage.
Planning for Autonomous Door Opening with a Mobile Manipulator.  Sachin Chitta, Benjamin Cohen, Maxim Likhachev.
Coffee Break.
Session Chair: Hadas Kress-Gazit, Cornell University
Task Planning with Continuous Actions and Nondeterministic Motion Planning Queries.  Kris Hauser.
Hierarchical Planning in the Now.  Leslie Kaelbling and Tomas Lozano-Perez.
Integrating Task and Motion Planning Using Semantic Attachments.  Christian Dornhege, Patrick Eyerich, Thomas Keller, Michael Brenner and Bernhard Nebel.
Panel Discussion
Session Chair: Maxim Likhachev, University of Pennsylvania
Invited Talk: Combining Task and Motion Planning, A Historical Perspective on Incremental Heuristic Search.   Sven Koenig, USC.
Poster Spotlights.
Coffee+Poster session

Motion Planning Algorithms for Autonomous Intersection Management.  Tsz-chiu Au and Peter Stone.
A Tight Integration of Task and Motion Planning in an Execution Monitoring Framework.  Kadir Haspalamutgil, Can Palaz, Tansel Uras, Esra Erdem and Volkan Patoglu.
Hierarchical Planning for Mobile Manipulation.  Jason Wolfe, Bhaskara Marthi and Stuart Russell.
A Travel-Time Optimizing Edge Weighting SCheme for Dynamic Re-planning.  Andrew Feit, Lenrik Toval, Raffi Hovagimian and Rachel Greenstadt.
Closing the Loop between Motion Planning and Task Execution using Real-Time GPU-based Planners.  Jia Pan and Dinesh Manocha.
Monitoring the Dispersionof a Contaminant Cloud in an Urban Region by a Swarm of UAV Sensor.  Arpita Sinha, Tsourdos nd White.
Session Chair: Dinesh Manocha, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dynamic Execution of Temporally and Spatially Flexible Reactive Programs.  Robert Effinger, Brian Williams and Andreas Hofmann.
Where’s Waldo? Sensor-Based Temporal Logic Motion Planning.  Hadas Kress-Gazit, Georgios Fainekos and George Pappas.
Panel Discussion