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Theory Workshop (Spring 2003)


The objective of the Theory Workshop is to allow us to learn some interesting theoretical topics that can benefit our own research. Unlike TGIWs in the previous year, the Theory Workshop focuses on techniques instead of results.

The Theory Workshop is organized around the concept of a topic pool. Students will suggest topics that they would like to learn. Newly-suggested topics will go through a voting procedure in the next Workshop meeting. If at least half of the attendees voted for a topic, then it gets placed onto the topic pool maintained on this page. Once a topic get listed, any student can then claim the topic and later give a survey/introductory talk on it. Notice that when a student suggests a topic, he/she is not obligated to give a talk on it. Also, we encourage students to pick from the pool some topics that they are not familiar with. This way, preparing the talk will become a very valuable learning experience for the speaker.

There is a speaking requirement to actually join the Theory Workshop. Please read the membership section for more information.


Time: Mondays, 17:00
Place: Wean 7220

Date Speaker Topic
2003-03-03 Pending


2003-03-10 Pending



Coding Theory
Communication ComplexityMaverick Woo
Current approaches to P versus NP
Data Streaming Algorithms
Dimensionality Reduction
Expander Graphs
Exponential Time AlgorithmsRyan Williams
Matrix Methods
Mathematical Programing Lingo
Metric EmbeddingsShuchi Chawla
N-Dimensional Geometry
VC DimensionsAmitabh Sinha


The Theory Workshop has a membership system based on (imaginary) tokens.

When a student sign up to give a talk in the Theory Lunch or the Theory Workshop, the student will receive a token. First year students will also receive a free token in their first semester at CMU. All tokens earned in semester $t$ will expire at the end of semester $t+1$.

A student is a member of the Theory Workshop in a semester if he/she has a token. Food can only be provided to members when our budget becomes an issue. (So far we are OK.)

Member List (Partial)


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