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About These Programs

I wrote almost all of these programs out of needs of myself or my friends. If you have any gripes about your Windows life, please feel free to let me know. Perhaps I can help.

At the end of this page is a section that records my ideas on future utilities. As I only have so much time, not all of them will be implemented in the end. But then, if you would like to see some of them earlier than the others, let me know too.

Table of Content

(I have written quite a number of utilities, but I don't have time to write up this web site yet.)
Pathsetter is a utility to set the path in windows.
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Imagestation Scraper
Scrape an album from Imagestation (ie, download a complete photo album without clicks)


Putting these two links here for the crawlers. I will fix this page later.
GNU Emacs

Future Ideas

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