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RE: New Address and email info

Robert - I went thru my boxes and carrying case and I don't have your
cable... unless it is laying in the back of my truck... I will look .... I
still owe you my goals etc... forthcoming

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Subject: New Address and email info

Hi Everyone,

After an enjoyable afternoon trying to get a truck at the UHaul center and
lugging heavy boxes with lead weights up 3 flights of stairs, I now have the
pleasure of announcing a new address:

950 High School Way, #3315
Mountain View, CA
tel: (415) 871-4900
fax: (415) 276-1794
email: robertc@dieboldes.com

Please note, the new address accompanied a change of internet provider after
I discovered PacBell (SBC) was gouging.  So the chenrob@pacbell.net is no
longer valid.

Thanks and take care,

rob chen