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RE: AVOS/TS blended system uploads

I know this is generating alot of airtime, and deservedly so.  If it gets into major modem policy issues, then it may be worth asking and discussing:
If these units are there on an ADA basis, and are used accordingly, will they have very many votes on them?  Since you'll get the unofficial count during the normal results upload from the OS, with 100% precincts counted, could the TS unit results be brought in with the other memory cards and uploaded the next day as part of the official canvass?  With 100 precincts, would you have even 150 votes?  Or will most ADA folks continue to vote absentee?  I don't know.
I'm just suggesting that perhaps there won't be that many votes on the units to create another seperate upload procedure.  I guess I'd like to see this be a very simple thing for the pollworker to accomplish, or just upload the few votes on the ADA machines as part of the official canvass.  You'll still have the 100% on the reports that night.  Just a thought, probably not that great a thought, but ....
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Subject: AVOS/TS blended system uploads

With the new ADA requirements facing our OS customers, they will likely be knocking on our door to purchase TS units to compliment their existing OS systems with one TS unit in each precinct - coexisting with the OS units in a blended system. While there are some problems with programming such a system (namely needing to have another Vote Center category created for the TS units), these are hurdles that can be managed (I guess they can - does anyone have thoughts on this?). My bigger concern is handling the uploading of both TS and OS results via modem into the GEMS server.
What are the known issues relating to upload? I know that TS uses RAS while OS uses regular serial com ports, thus the need for separate modem banks. Can GEMS receive modem uploads from both OS and TS units at the same time? Has this been tested in any kind of a medium to large scale test? Does anyone have any experience with receiving both TS and OS modem uploads?

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