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RE: GEMS-1-18-17

Is this a pre-release?  Keep in mind that it has to go thru ITA for certification.
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GEMS 1.18.17 is ready for download.  Note that the audio files included are in PCM format, to use MP3 version, please replace with TSText-1-18-17.
GEMS-1-18-17.zip    b1tqbinmp1ndd
ABasic-1-18-17.zip    vmzqauwvbeae1
GEMS-Reports-1-18-17.zip    abkfndej9d1se
GEMSIS-1-18-17.zip    gkt4nfhsveasv
TSText-1-18-17.zip    obhrtikypfndh

New Features:

·     BUG#2382 Support for Pedantic audit logging. When specified in the AccuVote-TS Options dialog, every ballot cast on AccuVote-TS units is logged to the Ballot Station Audit log.


Bugs Fixed:

·         BUG#2412 [Locale.ini] Inconsistent use of terminology in GEMS UI.

·         BUG#2381 Races on an open primary ballot without a voter's Preference party selection are not being counted when using Central Count.

·         BUG#2380 Shadowed race counts incorrect for Preference type races.

·         BUG#2446 District field is enabled for Shadowed races when database status is Set for Election.

·         BUG#2414 AccuVote-TS Server v2 Tooltip text incorrect.

·         BUG#2375 Split Precinct Ids not updated correctly after editing the Report Precinct.

·         BUG#2412 Inconsistent use of terminology in GEMS UI. (Requires the full GEMS 1.18.17 installation package.)

·         BUG#2388 Pressing 'Enter' key closes Voter Registration window.

·         BUG#2374 Results Server dialog box doesn't regain focus after selecting Results Server from the GEMS menu.

·         BUG#2369 Ballot Audit: internal error occurs when attempting to view a ballot in a precinct where no ballot has been cast.

·         BUG#2361 Adding a new language results in error msg.

·         BUG#2359 Internal error occurs when attempting to create a registered write-in candidate when database status is Set for Election.

·         BUG#2358 Unable to queue Vote Center for AccuVote-OS.

·         BUG#2356 Region Server dialog box doesn't regain focus after selecting Regional Results from the GEMS menu.

·         BUG#2355 Loading a file from backup results in the backup copy being deleted.

·         BUG#2349 Ballot Viewer gives an error: "Attempt to scroll past GEMS.ini" when Ballot Viewer dialog is opened.

·         BUG#2345 Error msg: "An attempt was made to access Gems.ini past its end" appears when attempting to view ballot.

·         BUG#2342 Central Count fails when counting votes in a Preference race without a preferred party selection.

·         BUG#2337 Voter Groups drop-down lists activated in Header Editor only after saving, then reopening.

·         BUG#2336 Error msg displayed when attempting to save a voter group.

·         BUG#2329 Central Count drops a batch if a race on the ballot has headers.

·         BUG#2324 Votes are not being tallied properly in Challenge board if a race has candidate of type Header.

·         BUG#2306 Third level district rotation is not supported.

·         BUG#2304 Rotation District checkbox appears in District Editor for non rotated Sub-Districts.

·         BUG#2303 Resetting artwork causes order of base precincts in Tree view to change.

·         BUG#2302 Improve Error msg wording in error dialog that is presented when attempting to generate ballot rotations when races are unassigned.

·         BUG#1861'AccuVote-TS Write-In Sort Report' missing.




Merged from 1-17-25, released January 7, 2002

New Features:


Bugs Fixed:


Merged from 1-17-24, released October 31, 2002


Merged changes from 1.17.23, released August 9, 2002