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Adding additional comments to bugs you don't own

There was a glitch in bugzilla’s permission system that would prevent most users from making additional comments to a bug unless the user was also the original reporter of the bug.  The actual error was:


Only the owner or submitter of the bug, or a sufficiently empowered user, may make that change to the additional comments field.


What this meant was that we completely lost the collaborative effect of the old bugzilla mailing list.  I am guessing a number of people hit this, but just shrugged it off as “doing something wrong”.  If you are ever confused by the way bugzilla behaves, please email Ravina or Josh and they will either explain it, or get the problem addressed.


It is important that everyone be given a voice on our bugs and rcrs.  Please feel encouraged to throw in your thoughts.  That is what the ‘additional comments’ field of bugzilla is there for.