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RE: New DESI Famous Names DB

Why is John printing more? We have 10,000 available until a new ballot is developed.


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Due to critically low supply, there are some that were printed BOD in McKinney.  There are also some that were being printed by Midwest Printing and were probably delivered to McKinney for distribution earlier this week.  I understand that John is going to print some also.



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I have some and would like to know who printed them


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I am posting a new Famous Names database to the Incoming directory on the staff site.  This database is to be used to create OS memory cards for Famous Names ballots with the DES logo at the top of the ballot ONLY.  McKinney has ordered a few thousand of these ballots for distribution.   The file has been zipped and password protected.  The file was created using GEMS 1-17-24.


File name:  DESI Famous Names 1-17.zip


Password to unzip:  s8ehnf76


Database password:  diebold


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