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RE: Instructions Screen




You can usually get better service by posting your questions to the support list rather than sending them to Tab.


Jeff Hintz's assessment is most likely correct, as is usually the case.  The VCE does not store the EID, so even though the EID is different, it wouldn't have made any difference.


I have opened a VCE RCR on your behalf:  "Program EID onto smart card".  It is RCR#2371.





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Friday, December 13, 2002 8:58 AM
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I haven't heard back from Tab on this one.  Any thoughts?



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Prince George's County still wants to know how the partisan designation

showed up on the Instructions Screen during the General Election.


Jeff Hintz offered the following explanation:

Prince George's County experienced the occurrence of the Party designation

displaying on the Instructions page during the General Election.  There is

no way to know for certain what happened.  However, Jeff Hintz, the

Elections Support Specialist assigned to Prince George's County, surmises

that the problem was that the Encoder was not re-programmed from the Primary

to the General Election.  Jeff had an Encoder that was programmed for the

Primary, and was able to demonstrate that it worked in the General Election,

and executed  the Ballot.  However, the Party designation, left over on the

Encoder from the Primary, displayed on the Instructions screen.  This was

resolved immediately by reprogramming the Encoder with the Master Voter

Access Cards, which had been created and sent in the Judges cases.


Prince George's County does not accept this as an explanation.  The EID is

not the same in the Primary and General election.  They attempted, but were

not able, to duplicate this condition.


Kerry Martin suggested that the label for the Vote Center is where  the

Instructions screen pulls this information.


Can shed any light on this?  Jane has copies of the election, if you need to

see it.





Sue Page

Election Implementation Project Manager

Diebold Election Systems, Inc.


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