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RE: Ballot Stations that crash

What do you mean "Vancouver no longer makes those decisions?"  Who does?
Are you saying air traffic control is being handled at the airport by
someone in a bunker at a remote site? If that's the case, then would request
that whoever it is should put together an email and explain the new process,
why there is a new process, how it works, and what feedback mechanisms are
in place to make sure it is working in a timely fashion.  There are times
when a release or pre-release is needed that day.  How is that process

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This is bug 2161.  This was fixed by Whitman Oct 18, and was intended to
be included in 4.3.12.  Unfortunately, that release never materialized
for certification reasons, and the 4.3.12 that was put out only included
minimal source code changes requested by Wyle.

There is no workaround.  I do not know when we will make a release that
includes this fix.  Vancouver no longer makes those decisions.


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Subject: Ballot Stations that crash

The NT Ballot Stations up to NT 4-3-9 work on both my desktop and PC.
Ballot Station NT 4-3-10 to NT 4-3-12 all crash when trying to cast a
ballot.  I know this is not intended behaviour, but I am wondering if
is something I need to do to make them work.
What's the fix?

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