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RE: City's original vote totals flawed

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Hi folks, we don't really know everthing that happened in Columbus GA, so don't panic over what you may perceive to be a flaw in the AVOS system. The AVOS was used for absentee tabulation only, not for voting at a polls. If there were votes on the AVOS from testing, then the county official in charge should have investigated why there the system didn't print a zero tape. This county had a mess with their absentee ballots. They had two databases, one for TS and one for OS because someone on the county end (we think)  regenerated ballots after they were printed and several positions changed. We found this in L&A when the AVOS ballots would not read. There were other problems there unrelated to the system, so no one including folks for the Secretary of State's office know what really happened. However, we do know that they didn't know going into counting the ballots how many they expected to count (DUH!) so they would know if the vote counts were correct in the end. The election supervisor left for vacation shortly after certifying the election and had no clue that anything was wrong with their results until the Secretary of State's office contacted her office to let them know their vote totals were not correct - based on paperwork submitted with the election returns. Don't believe everthing you read in the newspaper. As a former Global customer, I never had a problem with the AVOS "retaining" votes and then "mysteriously" showing in the vote count. This situation was purely human error. Too bad it made it look like our product was at fault.
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I agree.
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Does the AVTS print a totals report on start-up if there are ballots counted?  I suspect that like the AVOS it doesn’t which would indicate that the poll workers failed to notice that no zero totals report was printed.


I doubt that we want a software change to detect this condition (i.e. first start-up each day or similar) so we need to depend on poll worker procedures to detect this.




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The thing I don’t get about the article is what happened to the zero totals tape.  That is the first thing you do in the morning, and every poll worker has to sign it.  It’s not like you can miss 37 test ballots. 


Was this a matter of the operating procedure being to not print the tape b/c it is too long?  If this is the case, we really have to get this situation improved by implementing a proper summary report on the AVTS.  This has been done for the 4.4 release, if it is any consolation.  I don’t like blaming pollworkers in cases like this, as the article seems to do.  The software needs to suck less.





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City's original vote totals flawed
When all the vote tabulations were finally completed the morning after the Nov. 5 general election, unofficial totals from Columbus' first use of the new voting system were released for publication.
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