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RE: AccuVote TS errors and software

That should be 8MB Flash found at, of course.





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Friday, November 22, 2002 10:37 AM
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Subject: RE: AccuVote TS errors and software


Can someone in the know please explain this.  I suppose that would mean Phil in this case. 


I do not get “8meg memory” when I boot my machine.  I do get:


8MB Flash sound at 0xa0000000

8MB Flash sound at 0xa8000000


Is this the message you are talking about Lesley.  My build date is Aug 8 2002.  Under what circumstances is it supposed to say 16MB.  I am not aware of any, but perhaps I am missing something.


Furthermore, there is no evidence that I am aware of that the memory leak has anything to do with the CE image.  Bug 2258, 1243, and 1179 did not involve any changes to the CE image.  If someone has such evidence, can they please explain it.  It is very damaging to have incorrect or incomplete information posted to the support list.





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Friday, November 22, 2002 10:11 AM
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Subject: AccuVote TS errors and software


Greetings...I am sitting here with Phil Wylie of AVTS repair fame and he has a message for all:


On units that show "system halt" errors or lose the touchscreen, etc. typically we have discovered these to be software related. 


Units that show two memory totals when turn on machine:


8meg memory

8meg memory


these units can be reformatted with WinCE 3.0 (8.8.02) and should stop these system halt errors.

The units need to be reformatted with WinCE and have Ballot Station re-installed. 

Should be seeing 16mg memory indicated at boot.


Have found that each level of Ballot Station software works best with specific WinCE editions.


For example:    WinCE 2.1.2 goes with 4.1.xx

                        Win CE 3.0 (8/8/02) goes with 4.3.xx


BS 4.1.x may work with WinCE 3.0, but will occasionally need to be rebooted to clear memory.  If not, unit will lock up and touchscreen becomes non-functioning. 


We have found that by resolving the software issues, motherboards that at first showed errors, are in fact now fine.


If you have questions or want further info, call Phil in McKinney.







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