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RE: GA Report

Thanks Keith. One less thing for me to do.

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The State of Georgia had 22,000 TS Units deployed in 159 counties in a total
of 2,910 precincts in 12 Regions.

1.  Polls Opening - The polling locations opened at 7:00 am with little
difficulty.  DESI had 400 technicians in the field with the
SoS office providing an additional 60 volunteers from Georgia Technology

2.  Pollworkers - DESI trained 6,000 pollworkers and additional "hands on"
training was provided at the county level as requested.
The pollworkers performed their duties exceptionally well and followed the
outlined procedures for election day problems.

3.  Problem escalation - TS problems were escalated from the precinct level
to the county election office and then to the 800 number
at the Atlanta Election Office.  The Atlanta help desk was staffed by 11
highly trained DESI employees/contractors and they were
able to handle all the incoming requests for assistance.  A special GEMS
help desk was implemented when the polls closed and quickly
handled these incoming calls.

4. Technician Call Ins - Each County Technician was directed to call and
report at 8:30 am, 1:30 pm, 5:30 pm and final.  This
information helped the GA team analyze the situation and make proactive
responses as necessary.

5. Election Day Issues -  Only one significant issue arose while the polls
were open and that was a "Low Memory Error" on about 100
TS units.  This occurred when the TS unit had between 110 and 120 votes on
the counter.  It was quickly determined that the fix was
to power off and power on the TS unit to clear the error.  This information
was telephoned to each of the 12 Regions and the SoS
office faxed this information to each county election office.

6. Communications System - A variety of communications systems were deployed
including Cellular Phones, pagers, and Radio Phones.
The most effective device was  the land line telephone with the Cellular and
Radio phones working adequately.  The Pagers were the
least effective method of communication.

7. Servers - 159 Dell Servers were in the field and all functioned properly
on election night.

8.  Polls Closing - A total of 24 counties used the telephonic transmission
from the polls to the server.  The rest of the counties
gave their pollworkers the option of accumulating at the polls or printing
tapes from each TS unit and then bringing directly into
the server location.  No problems arose with the delivery of the PC cards or
the telephonic transmissions.

9.  Tabulation - The GEMS software performed flawlessly election night with
both the TS & OS uploads.  Minor connectivity issues
were called in early and they were handled by the GEMS help desk and the
Technicians were able to successfully tabulate the votes.

10. Exporting Totals - Each county exported the results to the SoS server
for posting on the SoS web site.  92% of all GA precincts
were reported by 11:00 pm and the balance by 1:00 am.  The SoS web site was
running approximately 15% ahead of all wire services and
news media reports.

Summary - The Georgia election was a huge success and the SoS office, the
county election offices and the voters were very pleased
with the Diebold Election Systems, Inc. equipment and services.

Keith Long
Product Support Manager
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.
404-591-3514 (Georgia)
615-828-4106 (Cellular)