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5Nov2002 JoCoKs WrapUp

Johnson Cty, KS--5Nov2002 General Election Wrap-Up             
Advance Voting By Mail and Provisional AVOS Ballots / Ballot On Demand and Spectrum Printing
4 AVOS Units for Mail and Provisional Ballots
3 Advance Voting In Person Sites / 40 AVTS units each site
election.com Election System Manager Early Vote Module Card Creation
403 Pcts / 223 Election Day Polling Places / 825 R6 Voting Units / 223 R6 Card Encoding units
22 Unit Failures-Replacements during Election Day
AVTS: WinCE 2.1.2/BS 4.1.11  AVOS: cc2.00g    AVTS BS Create Card Encoding
GEMS: 1.17.22 (no audio)  [1.17.24 for some report printing]
1164 Trained Poll Workers / 3 hour sessions / 50 Poll Workers per session 
Note: Only trained poll workers allowed to serve on board
2 DESI Reps / 3 DESI Contract Support / 16 JoCoKs Field Techs / 54 JoCoKs County Open-CloseTechs
Final Report Complete 9:20PM 5Nov2002 
Central Upload 6 units / 18 "red bag" drop-off sites / up to 3 runs from drop-off site to central each site
Note: "red bag" holds PC cards and AVTS final report print tapes
Voter Registration: 333,710   Total Cards Cast: 167,431   County Turnout: 50.2%
Johnson County Kansas Election Office is extremely well organized and orchestrated.
They operate under a very strict timeline that is updated every evening and distributed or posted every morning.
Election office staff is well trained and experienced and each carries out their duties admirably.
Biggest Problem:  Again, ran into a few snags with ballot printing and L&A ballot production. 
Also, political parties dropped a massive mailing of applications to vote by mail which increased the number of ballots by mail exponentially.  Ballot order had to be resubmitted for additional ballot printing and we had some difficulty getting timely delivery of ballots which resulted in missing a statutory deadline for mailing ballots.
New This Election:  Election Commissioner Connie Schmidt implemented a "Practice Makes Perfect" additional training program for those poll workers wanting to come back to the office and "practice" on the equipment after they attended one of the training sessions.  A mock polling place was set up in the warehouse for several weeks to facilitate this program. 
Best Practice:  JoCoKs has instituted the "machine judge" roll in their polling places.  The "machine judge" is like a glorified "greeter" and escorts the voter from the signature table to an open AVTS unit where brief instructions are given regarding inserting the voter access card and voter exit information.  Machine judge also verifies voter's AVTS ballot precinct/style with the information on the voter's "Receipt" issued at the initial check-in where the voter access card is created.
Lesley Koop Thompson
Customer Service Project Manager
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.
415-235-6553 (office cell)
512-413-7618 (cell)