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RE: Feedback from Maryland


1.  Party Designation on the Instructions and Summary Pages
One small issue kept the election from being "perfect" in Maryland.  There
was one legislative district that retained the party designation from the
Primary, rather than being changed to Non Partisan.  Unfortunately, there is
no opportunity to catch this in the proofing process, unless you do a manual
L&A (which is nearly impossible on 2600 units).  The "Test Count" does not
display the Instruction page.  Is this a change that could be made on the
front end?

As a thought
How about placing the "INSTRUCTIONS" in a header attached to the first race.
The voter can review as often as necessary and it would be magnified as
well.  Eliminate most of the text in the TSText instructions.

a.  Why is the Party designation on the Instruction page and the Summary
page?  It is in the header of the ballot.

b.  Why not eliminate the Instructions Page all together?  Post printed
instructions in the booth.  (This would simplify many issues, such as
changing TS Text, and hard coded info on this page.)
c.  The Party designation has to be changed in every district between the
Primary and the General, leaving many opportunities for failure.  Why not
have one option that changes them all automatically?