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RE: KCStar article:

Thanks for the informative links re touchscreen technologies. The MechE in me has been interested in these concepts for quite a while.
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excerpt:  In Dallas, 18 touch-screen machines were taken out of service during early voting after complaints that votes had been misrecorded. The screens apparently wore out from repeated touching. (Is this really possible? lkt)



In a word, yes, but I’d expect to see the problem in a mall kiosk or other high-traffic use, not a unit you roll our four times a year to hold an election.  In short, I doubt this is the real story (or at least not the whole story).


It is interesting to note that the vast majority of bank machines out there still use clunky buttons rather than touch screens.  I assume a lot of that has to do with ADA/tactile issues, but I bet a lot has to do with cost/reliability as well.


You can look at the elotouch products and compare their resistive touchscreens (like ours and ES&S’), and their inferred technology ones.