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modem not hanging up GEMS 1-17-17

Gems has a default time out of 30 seconds before the modem is hung up in order to facilitate regional uploads. This keeps the modem from hanging up for 30 seconds providing a small window in which the operator of an OS unit can remove and insert a different card for upload preventing the connection from closing. It has been reported that the observed timeout is more than the 30 seconds because the carrier isn't dropped immediatley by the phone company, or the local switch, and introduces more latency. The following settings provided by Tab and Sophia may help to optimize this situation, however there seem to be some telephone swithes around that cannot implement the "jump over problem line within a hunt group".
Refer to Bugzilla 1645 for some history on this issue.
This link is for the 33.6 USR modem manuel http://www.usr.com/support/s-modem/s-modem-docs/sport336.pdf
Tab has had some success disabling ARQ
Make sure that ARQ is set = &A0  Disabled
&A Enables/disables additional result code subsets (seeXn).

&A0 ARQ result codes


&A1 ARQ result codes


&A2 V.32 modulation

indicator added

Sophia suggests that the incoming "hunt group" AKS "rollover lines" be set for the following behavior:
1) Select the next phone that will answer with the "Least used policy"
2) Set the fail over parameter to "Jump over a problem Line" this will theoretically jump over a line that is off-hook.
The only sure work around is to cycle power to the modem manually after the data has been uploaded into Gems.
Finally when Bugzilla 1645 is implemented we will have control over the Gems behavior but we cannot control the telephone switch that implements the hunt group and therefore we should set the behavior of Gems so that if the default timeout is changed we should no longer monitor the carrier but rather monitor the data transmission; when Gems determines success or failure uploading a card the line shoul be dropped after the given Server Timeout.
Jeff Hallmark
Diebold Election Systems
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