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RE: AVTS modem upload BS 4.3.11

There shouldn't be any slot requirement for the modem card.  It should work
in either one.


Ian S. Piper
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.

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So part of the problem I had with AVTS modems upload was that I had the PC
Modem card in the wrong slot...but I continued to have problems afterwards.

I cannot get the AVTS unit to communicate with the GEMS server (cannot
ping), even though RAS Server has it connected on a port and assigned the
AVTS unit an IP address.

I can only get the AVTS unit to communicate if I go into CE and modify the
GEMSHOST settings and uncheck "Use Software Compression" (not the default

I cannot imagine that every county that modems does this change to get their
modems to communicate.  Is there a setting in RAS that would match the
default AVTS settings, because I have gone through what I think is
everything and cannot find it.

Take care,

rob chen

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    What is the IP address of the GEMS machine? In particular are both the
GEMS machine and the AVTS machine on the same 'network'?


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Subject: AVTS modem upload BS 4.3.11

> Hi,
> Found something interesting here in Alameda County, and want to see if
> anyone has found this in the field.  Especially those of you who are doing
> AVTS (we don't do AVOS) modem upload from the precincts.
> Running:
> BS 4.3.11
> GEMS 1.18.14
> NT 4.0 6a
> I am dialing the central computer's bank of modems (connected via Digi PCI
> X/em) and connecting to NT's Remote Access Server.  I have assigned a ip
> pool ( to 220) and the AVTS with PCMCIA card modems dial in
> okay, and make a connection with the RAS server.  I can see the assigned
> address to the incoming AVTS unit.  However, when I try uploading, it
> and error: "no connection to host".  Yes, I have confirmed the HOST name
> tried the IP address.
> I tried pinging the AVTS unit and only get timeouts.  I then tried
> simulating the connection with my laptop and was able to successfully
> upload.  I was also able to ping my laptop from the server and vice versa.
> At this point, I do not think, despite the port information displayed by
> Server, that the AVTS was taking the ip address.
> I am sure I am probably doing something wrong and would appreciate some
> enlightenment.
> rob chen