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Official procedure for restoring election results

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            (Verified with Ballot Station 4.1.6, 4.1.13, and 4.3.11)



Restoring Election Results:


In the event of memory card failure during an election, use the following procedure to restore the election results archived on the AccuVote-TS unit to a new memory card:


1) Identify the vote center data on the failed card using the information printed on its label. Note the vote center’s name, VCenter ID, Machine, Version and Copy number.


Note: The following step assumes you have launched GEMS and opened the election database. It also assumes you have correctly configured a connection from the GEMS host computer to an AccuVote-TS unit loaded with a blank PCMCIA memory card.


2) On the GEMS host, open the GEMS AccuVote-TS Server 2 console. Using the information noted from the label of the failed memory card, identify the instance of the vote center to redownload.


3) Select the vote center, click the Queue button, click the Ports tab and click the Start button to download the vote center data to the new memory card.

When you download the data, the copy number in the AccuVote-TS Server 2 console will increment by one.


4) Insert the new memory card with the new copy of the vote center data into the AccuVote-TS unit containing the election results you want to restore. Power on the AccuVote-TS unit.


5) Insert the Supervisor card into the card reader, enter the Supervisor password, and touch the Election Archives button to display the Election Archives window.


6) From the Elections list, select the CurrentElection file located in Backup.


7) Touch All Machines to display all copies of all archive files associated with the selected CurrentElection in the Archived Results list. Touch all Directories to display the files in Backup and Main.


“Backup” refers to flash memory on the AccuVote-TS unit and “Main” refers to the PCMCIA memory card.


8) In the Archived Results list, select the file located in Backup that you would like to restore, then touch the Restore button under the Archived Results window.


The Machine ID of the archive file to restore will be the same as the Machine ID of the selected CurrentElection file, and the Copy number of this file will be one less than the Copy number of the selected CurrentElection file. The archive file to restore will also have the greatest Number of Records, and will be the most recently modified file.


A dialog will appear, warning you that this action will replace the current elections file with the selected file.

9) To restore the election touch the OK button to the confirmation prompt that appears.

Note: If a second dialog box appears, warning you that you are about to replace a file with a different Machine ID, ignore this warning and click OK.

Restoring and loading prompts are displayed momentarily, and control returns to the Archived Election Results window. The restored election is then assigned to Main as well copied to Backup.

10) Touch the Done button once the election has been restored to return to the Supervisor Functions screen. The results file is restored to election mode in which the results were archived.