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AVTS modem upload BS 4.3.11


Found something interesting here in Alameda County, and want to see if
anyone has found this in the field.  Especially those of you who are doing
AVTS (we don't do AVOS) modem upload from the precincts.

BS 4.3.11
GEMS 1.18.14
NT 4.0 6a

I am dialing the central computer's bank of modems (connected via Digi PCI
X/em) and connecting to NT's Remote Access Server.  I have assigned a ip
pool ( to 220) and the AVTS with PCMCIA card modems dial in
okay, and make a connection with the RAS server.  I can see the assigned ip
address to the incoming AVTS unit.  However, when I try uploading, it gives
and error: "no connection to host".  Yes, I have confirmed the HOST name and
tried the IP address.

I tried pinging the AVTS unit and only get timeouts.  I then tried
simulating the connection with my laptop and was able to successfully
upload.  I was also able to ping my laptop from the server and vice versa.

At this point, I do not think, despite the port information displayed by RAS
Server, that the AVTS was taking the ip address.

I am sure I am probably doing something wrong and would appreciate some

rob chen