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We ran into some problems with PC modem cards in Montgomery County.  They
were delivered in two batches:

1st batch of 160 have a PN# number on the back next to the serial number -
(the County calls the batch V.90)
2nd batch of 66 have no PN# - (the County calls the batch V.92)

The County staff feels that there are differences in the two versions of PC
Modem cards, although Texas claims that they are the same product.

When they insert the modem card, if the driver is not set correctly, then
the driver defaults to "Local Area Network".  This means that they will
either have to match the PC Modem card to the machine, or the pollworker
will be faced with choosing the correct driver.

V.90 requires PC Card 56KB PS Fax PC Card
V.92 requires Intel Corp V.92 Modem at Md 56xx

For 11/5, they are assigning PC Cards to Units, and ensuring correct
set-up - so there is no immediate crisis.
Their question is, is there a way to standardize this in the future?  Can we
return part of the modem cards and provide them with 1 standard that uses
the same driver?


Sue Page
Maryland Project Manager
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.
cell 443-404-9621