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Re: restoring a bad pcmcia card

okay - just want to have it straight should I need it
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Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 10:39 AM
Subject: Re: restoring a bad pcmcia card

    You do NOT need to delete the election. Just start the unit up with the new memory card in place. An archive will be made of the results automatically.

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Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 8:35 AM
Subject: restoring a bad pcmcia card

this is from El Paso who had this happen and worked with Jeff Hallmark and our restore directions
the Correct solution is :
Active Election Machine - Storage device (pcmcia card) goes bad.
To resolve....
Download SAME Machine memory card from GEMS - note new copy #
Start TS with NO memory card in place.
Insert Managers Card - enter Supervisor Functions
DELETE THE ELECTION! - this step actually makes a copy in the Archives to be restored from (scary step).
Insert new memory card, go to Election Archives
Select appropriate election on the top pane - location must be main, must be an archived election.
Check boxes to show all directories, all machines
Select from below the appropriate election.brs file that has results, click restore.
Click okay twice (two warning messages pop up).
Verify that totals match old card
Lock up card until ready to transmit results - card can no longer be voted on.