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RE: 32 vs 128 cards

We had a similar experience in LA.  We used GEMS 1-18-14 and BS 4.3.11.
We imported CTS's VIBS files (recorded in PCM and converted by GEMS's
import to MP3) into GEMS and found that some of the first names of the
candidates were cut off on TS.  However these same files sounded okay in
GEMS.  Since it was only a few VIBS files that had this problem, we had
CTS re-record them and everything sounded fine.

I just tried a few tests:
1.	Download on a re-formatted 128 MB card --> first name still cut
2.	Download on 32 MB cad --> first name still cut off

Now, there is difference in the download environment between Maryland
and LA:
1.	Maryland is using PCM format VIBS files while LA is using PCM
converted to MP3 format.  
2.	Maryland is using 4.1.11 (or something like that).

Food for thought.

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    Could you create a memory card that has the problem and send it to


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> We ran into a problem with 128 MB cards today.  We were proofing
> with audio.  On a new 128 MB card with standard formatting, we
> audio problems.  The ends of many of the names and race headings were
> off.  Instead of "Democrat" we heard "Democr".  The problem was
> in all 4 databases.
> We used a 32 MB card and had no audio problems.
> We used a new 128MB card, reformatted with FAT32, and had no audio
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