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FW: Maryland feedback

  Maryland offers the following feedback for the future:

1.  Consider replacing the 6 foot power cord with a 9 foot power cord.  The 6 foot cord is adequate to set up equipment that allows for voter privacy.  However, the election judges do not seem to set up equipment according to schematics supplied.  The 9 foot cord will help to ensure that the election judges don't set up units too close to each other.

2.  Maryland continues to give feedback that the card reader needs to be redesigned.  They suggest an angled mouth that leads the card into the opening.

3.  Maryland would like to have black and white drawings of the R6.  They would like drawings from all angles, to put into their documentation and judges manuals.  (Colored photographs are too expensive to reproduce in training manuals, when you are producing 2000 at a time.) 

Number three seems easy, and would benefit all accounts.  How do we make this happen?

Sue Page
Maryland Project Manager
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.
cell 443-404-9621