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Multi-page ballots and turnout percentages

How have people handled Election Night Reporting in accounts with multi-page ballots? The Turnout percentages are misleading as everyone knows. What have others done or expect to do in this situation?
I am considering advising the counties to turn off the Cards Cast feature, and keeping the Times, Totals, and Registered Voters options turned on. This will put the county-wide races near the beginning of the reports, giving an accurate appraisal of the numbers of voters. This will work well on the Summary Reports where the Times Voted for each race gives a percentage.
The SOVC Report does not have a comparable percentage stat on it within the races. Most users are used to the SOVC showing the Turnout percentage in the third column, and turning this feature off will likely upset them and the reporters they serve.
One workaround is to export the precinct results, import into Excel, massage the formatting and use the times counted for countywide races as the turnout. For one county this will be manageable. For many counties and remote support, this will be problematic.

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