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Re: Cards Cast Report 1-17-17

Hi Mark. BUG#368 was fixed in GEMS-1-16-1-6, it's in GEMS readme. Please take a look at BUG#1477, it fixes similar problem you are reporting.
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Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 12:45 PM
Subject: RE: Cards Cast Report 1-17-17

Hi Dmitry. I looked there. In what version of GEMS was bug 368 fixed? I do not see this info.
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Subject: Re: Cards Cast Report 1-17-17

BUG#368 fixes problem when Cards cast totals were incorrect for split precinct. Bug#1525 hasn't been fixed yet, please take a look at bug report, if the problem you have is different, please submit new bug report.
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Subject: Cards Cast Report 1-17-17

test db attached
The Cards Cast Report does not show the voter registration totals correctly for split precincts. I have researched this in Bugtrack and bugzilla.
Bugzilla Bug 368 shows this as reported in GEMS 1-14-08. The bug report shows status as Resolved/Fixed. Dmitry states the fix will be in next GEMS version. What version was the fix in?

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