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RE: Tippacanoe, IN - Upgrading AVTS

upgrade to 4-3 first then downgrade to 4-1-11, this is quite fast if one sets up 3 or 4 machines at a time. no backdoor humm.. set GEMS server to use dhcp.
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Subject: Tippacanoe, IN - Upgrading AVTS

Steve Corey is upgrading the AVTS units in Tippacanoe, IN; and is encountering a problem.
He is upgrading the AVTS units to Windows CE 3.00, then upgrading the AVTS software to 4.1.11.  No problems there.  However, after the upgrades, he cannot get any of the AVTS units to communicate via TCP/IP, to the host computer.  Since he has upgraded to Windows CE 3.00, the operating system cannot be broken into to set up the TCP/IP addresses.
Other than upgrading to a higher AVTS version, where you can put in the TCP/IP addresses, then going back to AVTS 4.1.11.  Is there any other way of putting in the TCP/IP addresses for communication to the host computer???
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