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RE: Central Count 2.0.10

You don’t do anything with this, other than to bask in its presence.  It is just the software announcement.  Jason will send out ROMs to critical parties, and after that they can be ordered from McKinney as usual.





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what do we do with this ?  I have no way to burn roms .

Thanks you for your hard work and dedication to solving this problem - your efforts are much appreciated

Tari Runyan

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From: Jason Wong

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Subject: Central Count 2.0.10


Central Count 2.0.10 is ready



CC2.0.10.zip    12nhomsna2jba


October 4, 2002


128K A: Checksum 63AF

64K B: Checksum 3BB0

New Features:

·    Added timeout during a TCP/IP transfer to prevent lockup.

·    Added option to reconnect on PPP when batch not open and timeout occurs.

Bugs Fixed:

·    BUG#1290 Ballot Feeder does not stop when "Stop on write-ins" flag is checked.

·    BUG#2123 Central Count displays "Wrong Message ID" message and fails to process deck.

·    BUG#615 RAS fails when connecting from a Central Count AVOS unit to Windows 2000.

·    BUG#1216 Central Count cannot connect to server on GEMS through PPP using a Windows XP machine

·    BUG#968 Central Count sometimes does not increment the counter when accepting an overvote.

·    BUG#19 Central Count requires YES confirmation to refeed returned ballot when no feeder is present.

·    Removed additional multiple exit points throughout code.

·    Fixed “Press NO to abort” feature during TCP/IP transfers.

·    Fixed Host IP input value range during prompt.

·    Adjusted Error Message handling and included clearer error messages.