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VAC and water

    As a matter of QC, we in Georgia acceptance tested all of our Voter Access Cards.  During the testing, we bundled them into groups of 20 to ease the deployment process.  The grouping was done using regular office scotch tape.
    We discovered that the tape was adhering so well to the cards that a gummy residue was being left on the cards.  This gum was causing extreme friction when placing and removing them from the encoder.  We immediately stopped using scotch tape and changed to rubber bands.
    Now, we have several hundred VACs that need to be cleaned.  We plan to use a citrus-based gum remover to remove the gum and then rinse them all with mild soap and water.
    Our concerns are these:
Best Regards,
James P. Rellinger, MCSE
Manager of Engineering, Georgia Operations
Diebold Election Systems
(770) 231-6468