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RE: SEH error messages

Jeff, is it possible to know what caused the SEH error?
On Wed, 2 Oct 2002 12:38:45 -0500 Jeff Hintz wrote:


Not really, unfortunately.  Not with the information given.  Not that I am implying there is really much more to give, honestly.  SEH exceptions are the software crashing badly.  As with anything else, the trick is to try to find a way to reproduce it.  If you download it again and it works, then guaranteed it will do the same thing if we try up here.  But something changed between the two downloads.  The challenge is to try to figure out what.


If on the other hand it SEHs every time on all machines for a given release, you’re looking at a software bug and we can usually fix the problem in no time.





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Even though the download finished after the error message occured, and everything seems to be fine.  Myself, I would re-download those cards that encountered the error, just as a precautionary measure.



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Subject: SEH error messages

Customer want to know if the SEH messages below will cause problems on those cards during the election?

JoCoKs; BS 4.1.11, CE2.1, GEMS 1.17.22


We have finished our download and the L&A and really what to know if there is a problem with the messages that I got during the download and the L&A. 

SEH MESSAGE 1:  I had 2 messages during the download.  It was something like ERROR - SEH
000005.  I said OK and the transfer went both times.  I assumed it was
something in the download. 


SEH MESSAGE 2:  However, yesterday (at 5:00 naturally) I had a message SEH Exception c00000fd when proofing.  The card took a long time to load the election, but when I tried to remove it, I got a message to put the
card back in or data would be lost on the storage card.  I put it back in
and it took a really long time to load, but then I got the zero proof
screen.  I wasn't sure whether it was the card or the machine.  This morning
I put the card in and it came up, no problem.  I asked Merle, who did the
L&A on it, if he got a message and he said no. 


I know that one of the cards that gave the error during the download was Olathe Christian Church, but I
don't know what the other one was.  The (SEH Message 2)Exception card was from Mission Road
Bible Church.  I am keeping a note on it.  I am Ccing Lesley on this e-mail. Debbie



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